Optimal Natural Health Plan Details

Are you looking for a health plan that will give you monthly benefits and also save you money.

Sign up for our Optimal Natural Monthly Health program below

  • Unhurried appointments
  • Same and next-day appointments
  • 2 Vitamin B Shots (Weight Loss)
  • 1 Ozone Sauna Treatment (Anti-Aging or Detox)
  • 1 Acupuncture treatment
  • 1 Ozone Facial or Shockwave Treatment
  • 4 PEMF (Pulse Electromagnetic Frequency) Treatments
  • 2 Lymphatic Drainage Treatment
  • Monthly evaluation and diet guidance
  • 10% discounts on alternative treatments to enhance your health
  • Choice of health information classes to attend throughout the year
  • Monthly Free Health Program Webinars
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