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Non-surgical Facelift Threading


Non-Surgical Facelift in Gilbert, AZ

A minimal invasion treatment to lift and contour the face with threads is known as non-surgical facelift threading. This procedure is carried out with utmost precision at MedSpa, Arizona. If you are thinking about getting it done, here is everything you need to know. 

What is a Non-Surgical Thread Lift?

A non-surgical thread lift is a treatment done to contour the face and make it look younger. It is usually carried out with local anesthesia or an oral sedative. A doctor uses thread made from biodegradable material to contour the face naturally. Small cones or barbs are also present with the threads to lift the sagging tissues. 

At MedSpa, we make sure this procedure takes minimum downtime for you to resume your work efficiently. 

What are the Benefits of a Non-Surgical Thread Lift?

For a young and radiant looking skin, you should consider getting a non-surgical thread lift. It has various benefits, including:

  • Raise and tightening of sagging skin tissues
  • Redefinition of facial contours
  • Collagen production
  • Skin upliftment around the neck
  • Structuring of jowls and mouth
  • Anti-aging 
  • The procedure easily last for more than the year

At the best facial spa in Arizona, we suggest you get a non-surgical thread lift to rejuvenate your aging skin. Dr. Nandyala, our expert at MedSpa, will guide you throughout the procedure. 

What to Expect During the Treatment?

During the procedure, Dr. Nandyala will insert a thread under the skin with the help of a fine 25g needle. After that, the sagging skin and soft tissues are anchored using tiny cones or barbs in a new position. These barbs or cones are attached at the end of the thread and stimulate collagen production to replace lost volume in the face that diminishes with age.

Since these threads are absorbable, you should expect them to dissolve around 6 to 9 months after the procedure. Good news, the skin will remain in the lifted position for around 12 to 18 months. 

Non-Surgical Thread Lift at MedSpa

After the non-surgical thread lift at MedSpa, you will be able to see visible results immediately. You can easily resume your daily work without having to worry about the swelling. However, it is expected to notice a few needle marks which can be covered by makeup.

To reverse the signs of aging, a threading facelift is carried out to remove excess skin and tighten it as well. It smooths out the wrinkles and also helps hide signs of aging. At MedSpa, we strive to make sure you look as young as you wish to!

The Procedure of Threading Facelift

The traditional facelift involves a local or general anesthesia. Usually, local anesthesia keeps the patients alert, although general anesthesia is preferred during intensive procedures. 


It can take around 2 to 5 hours. However, the patient can go home on the same day. While carrying out the procedure, Dr. Nandyala, the expert at MedSpa, makes an incision in front of the ear that extends up to the hairline. After that, the skin is lifted from the facial muscles and fat. It is then gently pulled in an upward direction to remove the excess skin. This procedure helps tighten the tissues of the face. 


A small cut is made under the chin to tighten the skin around the neck. It is known as a neck lift. The cuts are then closed with staples. The doctor may also place a drain under the skin for around two days to remove excess blood and fluids.

What are The Benefits?

The threading facelift has the amazing ability to restore a person’s youthful appearance. Here are some of the benefits of threading facelift. 

  • Firms and tones the muscle
  • Makes the skin smooth
  • Reduces the droop of the cheeks around the jawline
  • Restores facial contour
  • Reduces the creases between the cheeks and the lips
  • Repairs lose, sagging skin
  • Tones drooping skin around the eyes
  • Restoration of a youthful appearance

These benefits can be seen within just a week. MedSpa is the leading spa in Arizona, where Dr. Lakshmi Nandyala takes care of your skin’s needs. She has immense experience in this field and provides the best in class cosmetic procedures.

Get the Best in Class Threading Facelift at MedSpa

For a long-lasting and natural facial contour, MedSpa provides an amazing experience in the threading facelift procedure. Our expert rearranges the face’s structure of a patient to bring about a change in their look. The procedure tones the drooping skin and restores a youthful appearance. 

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