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How Bio-identical hormones help Women and Men

As we get older, the hormone production in our bodies diminishes. It can be attributed to many factors including aging, stress, birth control use, infections, and various disorders. These hormone imbalances usually start to show effects in the later stages of our lives. Weight gain, fatigue, hair loss, irritability, mood disorders, hot flashes, PMS, insomnia, depression and low libido are few of the symptoms related to hormonal imbalance.

No one thinks it’s because of a hormonal imbalance, but hormones play a huge part of our lives. When we lose the ability to make new hormones, we begin to experience many of these symptoms. That’s why many women and men seek the help of bio-identical hormone therapy.

What is Bio-identical Hormone Therapy?

Bio-identical hormones Scottsdale AZ are derived from plants or animals that are molecularly identical to the hormones produced in the body. They are custom-made to suit the individual and their particular hormonal imbalances. For women over 40, the reduced production in three crucial hormones: estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone causes many symptoms. What makes bio-identical hormone therapy different from traditional hormonal therapy are natural hormones are recognized and metabolized efficiently in the body. Other forms of hormonal therapy are synthesized in a lab and are compounded drugs to simulate hormones. Not actual hormones.

What are the symptoms of hormone imbalance?

These are some classic symptoms that we all just chalk up to getting older. Beneath the surface it’s our hormones that cause these: weight gain, depression, hair loss, fatigue, low sex drive, and memory loss. But, these symptoms are generally treated as isolated events and not part of a disorder. The biggest reason why our hormones get out-of-whack is our thyroid gland. Our hormone production is controlled by our endocrine system and the thyroid is the part that releases hormones that controls our metabolism.

How Bio-identical Hormones Can Restore Thyroid Health?

Many women living with a thyroid condition have a deficiency in the hormone progesterone. Sometimes an overactive or under active thyroid results from too much estrogen. And they suffer from symptoms of having a thyroid condition. The hormones in a woman’s body have to interact with one another so being deficient in one can affect the others as well.

Being treated with bio-identical hormones can bring these hormones back into balance and lessen the impact of symptoms such as fatigue, overweight, hair loss and depression. Women whose thyroid is not producing enough hormones get treated using a popular thyroid medication called Synthroid. Of the 5 different hormones the thyroid produces to maintain metabolism, Synthroid is made of only one of those hormones. That’s why even after taking medication prescribed by their doctor they still experience symptoms. Bio-identical hormone treatment treats the thyroid at the root cause making sure the thyroid is producing all the hormones it needs to produce. It’s why women who have been treated with bioidentical hormones have a lot of success in managing symptoms associated with a thyroid condition.

If they continue to take medication like Synthroid they will continue to experience symptoms and their thyroid will never produce hormones like it’s supposed to.


Bio-identical Hormones Can Help After A Hysterectomy

A hysterectomy is a surgical procedure that removes a woman's uterus and sometimes fallopian tubes. This procedure results in a woman experiencing menopause. That’s why a hysterectomy is also referred to surgical menopause. When a woman’s ovaries are surgically removed, they are no longer there to produce estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone. This can lead to menopausal symptoms such as joint pain, memory loss, lower sex drive, fatigue, hot flashes, depression, and night sweats.

When a hysterectomy is performed, the estrogen deficiency comes all of a sudden. When natural menopause happens the changes in estrogen production is more gradual. Bio-identical hormones along with some lifestyle changes such as a proper diet with nutritional supplementation can relieve women of these symptoms and increase their quality of life.

Women who undergo a hysterectomy have a higher mortality rate from heart disease and this is caused by the complete decline in estrogen production. When a woman who has had a hysterectomy is treated with bioidentical hormones her mortality rate due to heart disease is decreased by 35%. About two-thirds of hysterectomies performed in the United States are medically unnecessary so for these women bioidentical hormones can be a literal lifesaver.


Bio-identical Hormones Can Help Women With Low Testosterone

When we hear about the hormone testosterone we think only men need it. In fact, the ovaries produce testosterone as well. Testosterone is an androgen meaning it’s a sex-related hormone. It is responsible for sexual arousal, bone-density, and muscle mass. Whether a woman is going through perimenopause, menopause, or a hysterectomy they lack the testosterone needed to keep their energy levels and mood up.

Bio-identical hormones can also treat the low testosterone they are suffering from. This natural way of using testosterone to counter the effects of menopause or a hysterectomy can not only boost their sense of wellbeing and give them back that sexual desire that was lost. But it can sometimes inhibit the growth of breast cancer cells.

It’s believed that testosterone therapy can lead to an increase in breast cancer, but that is only true with synthetic and non-bioidentical treatments such as Prempo. Using a natural bio-identical hormone of testosterone helps prevent those nasty cancer cells from showing up when there is no testosterone blocking their growth.

Bio-identical hormone treatment can replace testosterone which prevents lower sex-drive, maintaining bone and muscle mass when testosterone declines during menopause. Women treated with bio-identical hormones after a hysterectomy decreased their mortality rate from heart disease by 35%.

Bio-identical Hormones Can Help Men With Low Testosterone

When men get older they also suffer from their bodies no longer producing enough testosterone. It is commonly referred to as “male menopause” or Andropause. Around the age of 30 men begin losing testosterone at a rate of 3%-10% each year. When they lose testosterone they can no longer do the things they enjoy doing. Experiencing fatigue, muscle loss, lower sex drive, and loss of mental acuity lowers their quality of life. Bio-identical hormones not only bring their testosterone levels up naturally: It also makes them feel alive again.


As we get older, we find a lot of things that was once easy more difficult. From getting up from a fall to remembering where we placed our car keys. Our hormones age with us and the organs that produced them en masse when we were much younger. This can lead to our bodies needing a little more help in producing them. Getting a hysterectomy or going through menopause shouldn’t be the end of the road for them. We need them to lead the charge into our golden years. And protect us from the symptoms associated with old age to improve our wellbeing and quality of life.

Our bodies don’t behave the way synthetic hormones tell them to because they only respond to natural hormones. If we listen to what our bodies tell us every time a nasty symptom pops up, we would hear them wanting to produce more estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone the way they used to. Bio-identical hormone therapy gives our bodies what they want.

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