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Patient Written Testimonials

Dr. N. is amazing!  Her bedside manner goes unmatched.  She’s so caring, gentle and informative.  In my late 30’s, I’ve seen changes to my skin that I didn’t notice in my earlier years.  One being Melasma, I hate looking like I have dirty skin even when it’s clean.  Unfortunately, the treatments or products that help minimize the appearance of Melasma is limited, so I reached out for professional help.  It was recommended that I do chemical peels, Microneedling and use skin lightening products in addition to my regular skincare regime.  I’ve had a handful of chemical peels and 4 Microneedling treatments over the past year with a local med spa, and as of a few days ago I received my first treatment with Dr. N.  This has been by far my best experience with Microneedling.  It was painless, she answered all my questions and addressed all my concerns.  The downtime was very minimal compared to other past treatments.  I will definitely be back for more with Dr. N as I’ve found this to be the best way to tame my Melasma.  Thanks Dr. N – I will definitely recommend you to anyone looking for skincare help! - J.H.

Dr. Nandyala is very caring and attentive, which becomes apparent as soon as she greets you. She spends the time to listen to all your symptoms and concerns so that she can determine exactly what your ailment is, and to actually provide a cure, rather than just a prescription as most doctors tend to do. This is so different from my experiences with other doctors as most other doctor's offices, even holistic or naturopathic doctors, will have you speak to a nurse, leaving you with just a few minutes face time with the doctor. I've only seen her for medical concerns, but as soon as my baby is weaned, I will start her weight loss program. I highly recommend her if you are seeking caring, natural healing. - H.M.

Dr. Nandyala goes above and beyond expectations. Unlike many other Doctors, she took her time with me in every visit. Whether it was the first visit or a follow up, I never felt rushed or ignored. With daily text checkups, I always knew I was getting a personalized treatment program. Her weight loss program is simple and effective. On the first visit, she provided a detailed explanation on what to do and what to eat. She reassured me that if I ever had a question, I could always email, text, or call her directly. In addition to her weigh loss program she treats patients with hormonal imbalances, diabetes, thyroid disorders and even performs acupuncture and micro needling. While the only treatments I have undergone are for weight loss, I would trust Dr. Nandyala with any medical issue. - D.M.

Kind, compassionate, knowledgeable are just a few of Dr. Nandyala's many attributes! From my first visit to Ascends Natur'l Medicine, she took the time to find the root causes of my issues, prioritize what needed immediate attention and developed a plan that was easy to follow and gave me a timeline and what to expect. This is the first time a doctor has wanted to find the cause of my issues and not just treat symptoms. I feel at easy talking to her and asking numerous questions which she gladly answered!  - T.B.

Dr. Nandyala truly cares about her patients. She never rushes through your appointment. She will spend as much time as you need to make sure you have answers to all your questions. I got amazing results when I followed the weight loss program she set up for me. I feel very fortunate to have her as my health care provider. - C.B.

For those of you who want to lose weight and get healthy for yourself, I highly recommend Dr. Lakshmi Nandyala. Sometimes it's not always what you are eating sometimes it could be a hormone imbalance as well as taking your body down start from scratch and build up so it works for you.

What's nice is that you learn what works best for your body and what doesn't so you can hold yourself accountable as well as the doctor holding you accountable to reach your goals! I highly recommend Dr. Lakshmi Nandyala because she is your cheerleader and you will reach your goals as long as it's important to you and follow the diet and feel good about you! Thank you, doctor, you're an amazing woman thank you for helping me get back to me! - G.P.

Dr. Nandyala is an outstanding naturopathic doctor. When our toddler was experiencing ongoing ear infections, Dr. Nandyala placed him on a rigorous treatment regimen which built his immune system and improved his overall health. Since Dr. Nanyala has provided her naturopathic therapy, he has not had another infection. Today he is a vibrant, healthy and happy boy. We are extremely grateful for Dr. Nandyala and we highly recommend her services at Ascends Natur'l Medicine. - L.G.

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